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PD20 small high speed precision CNC lathe


● Numerical control system. Using Japan FANUC system, high stability, high precision.

● High precision spindle. USES the advanced structure of motorized spindle, spindle bearing adopts Japan NSK high precision angular contact ball bearing, ensure the accuracy of the spindle high rigid and durable properties, main shaft runout & le; 2 & mu; M.

● Efficient processing. The highest spindle speed 8000 r/min, x, z axis is fast moving speed can be up to 24 m/min.

● High rigid bed. Stable structure design, high quality baking the whole cast iron bed, strong rigidity.

● High precision of feed. Feed full servo drive shafts, adopt NSK, Japan THK high-precision ball screw, Japan NSK bearings, ball screws to ensure machining accuracy and the precision of the long time maintain, feed the repositioning precision shaft & le; 2 & mu; M.

● Row of knife rest. Novel row knife rest make repetitive error to a minimum, in high speed accurately, can substantially save processing time.

● Machine tool guideway structure. Machine tool guideway adopt NSK, Japan THK, high precision linear guide, automatic lubrication system configuration set river valley, ensure the axis high speed feed for a long time.

● Automation. Can be customized different automatic feeding device to realize automation of processing.

Technical Parameter

Maximum turning diameter of bed

Ф240 mm

Turning diameter X axis mesa

Ф120 mm

The largest processing bar diameter

Ф20 mm

Maximum processing length

100 mm

The highest speed

8000 r/min

The spindle control mode

Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

The spindle the hole diameter

Ф26 mm

Built-in spindle motor

2.2 Kw

X, Z axis is fast moving speed


The X axis stroke

220mm(Can order 320 mm)

The Z axis stroke


X axis of the torque


Z shaft torque


Car handle size


The spindle to beat


Repeat positioning accuracy


Machine weight

1300 kg

Machine tool overall dimensions (length x width x height)


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