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China's machining center imports rank first among all types of machine tools

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The machining center is a kind of multi-process compound machining CNC machine tool, and it is developing in the direction of high speed, high precision and 5-axis linkage. Because of its high production efficiency, good flexibility, one machine with multiple functions and easy processing of complex curved and curved parts, it has long become the main processing equipment for the military and civilian machinery industries in industrialized countries.

   The number of processing centers in a country, the amount of consumption, and the overall level of technology are closely related to the level of processing and manufacturing technology of the country’s machinery industry. After entering the 21st century, the consumption of China's processing centers has increased rapidly with the large-scale technological transformation of the military and civilian machinery industry. For example, in 2001, the consumption of China's processing centers was only 2662 units (of which 2290 were imported), while the United States in the same year , Japan and Germany’s processing center consumption was 11,505, 6090 and 5291 units, respectively. By 2005, the consumption of China's processing centers soared to about 13,200 units (estimated value, because the production data of the processing centers were not released), of which 10,343 units were imported. The consumption of processing centers in 2005 was 4.96 times that of 2001, with an average annual growth rate of 49.2%, surpassing the United States, Japan, and Germany in one fell swoop, becoming the most enthusiastic country in the world for consumption and processing.

Mid-end products are the main products and the proportion of high-end products is nearly 1/5

   According to the survey, the result obtained from nearly 600 valid questionnaires from users is that the application of machining center machine tools in c has spread to 26 industries across the country, of which the automobile, motorcycle and parts manufacturing industry accounts for 24%, and the aerospace industry The military industry accounted for 18%, the machine tool industry accounted for 11%, the mold industry accounted for 8%, and the light industry machinery industry accounted for 4%. Among the processing centers owned by these companies, although popular vertical and horizontal processing centers still account for the majority, high-end processing centers such as multi-axis linkage, high-speed, and large-scale processing also account for a certain proportion. For example, in the surveyed nearly 600 users Among them, 24% have 5-axis machining centers. This shows that although the processing centers consumed in the Chinese market are mainly popular mid-range, the proportion of high-end consumption in consumption is estimated to have reached 15-20%.

There is room for market size

   Most of the processing centers consumed in China rely on imports (imports accounted for more than 70% of consumption in 2005), with an import value of US$1.297 billion, ranking first among all types of machine tool imports, mainly from Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and South Korea. import. In the first half of this year, China imported 5511 processing centers with a value of 688 million US dollars, an increase of 20% and 11% year-on-year respectively, and still maintained double-digit growth, indicating that the scale of China's processing center market still has room for growth.

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